The Internet

The Internet


Yes, it’s about that time. I know you guys are probably sick and tired of my blog posts being about concerts for the last few weeks so I promise to keep this one sweet, concise and straight to the point.


I’ve broken a new record in my life. I’ve been to three concerts this entire month of March. The most I’ve done in my life is two concerts in one month so I’ve definitely made a new goal. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to do five concerts in one month. That’s definitely something I will accomplish, God willing.

On the 21st of March at the o2 Academy Brixton, I saw a band known as The Internet for the first time ever. This band right here are my favourite band, after Destiny’s Child. The band consists of five members, Syd the main vocalist, keyboardist Matt, bassist Patrick and guitarist Steve.

I’ve been fans of The Internet for a very long time. I can’t remember the exact year I fell in love with them but I know that I was fully obsessed with them around the time their second album, Feel Good, came out. I would describe The Internet’s genre as being a hybrid of hip hop, soul and R&B. Their sound is very unique and that’s what makes them so special. That’s why I fell in love with them.


Overall, the concert was EUPHORIC. That’s the one word I would use to describe my night. Not only did The Internet perform songs from their latest album, Hive Mind, they took it all the way back to their second album, Feel Good and a personal favourite of mine, their third album, Ego Death. Everything about Syd’s singing was amazing. She sounds exactly the same as she sounds on their albums. Not a single imperfection remains in her voice. She is an angel and of course my favourite person out of the group followed by Steve. That cutie!

As usual I’ve placed videos at the end of this post. PLEASE excuse my singing voice, I was going extra hard this night. Lol!tenor.gifUntil next time,

Jo xo










Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak

On Friday the 15th of March I saw Anderson .Paak and his band, The Free Nationals, perform live at Alexandra Palace. It was a wonderful night seeing Anderson perform live because I have never seen him live in concert before and when I found out he was coming to perform in London, I just knew that I had to go. And I knew that if I didn’t attend that concert, I would be heartbroken forever.


He really is a great musician and I’ve enjoyed listening to his music. I first fell in love with Anderson when he released his second album, Malibu, in 2016. I’ve also really appreciated the past collaborations that he’s done with Dr Dre and The Game, two rappers that have some really great hits.

Anderson not only performed songs from Malibu but he also produced songs from his newly released album Oxnard and his debut album, Venice. I wasn’t too keen on Oxnard when I first listened to it but after giving it a few more listens, it finally started to grow on me. Anderson is definitely a great performer, he knows how to interact with crowds well and keep the party going. He even crowd surfed which I found absolutely ridiculous, but hey to each his own!

I honestly don’t have much critiques to say about the night other than that Anderson was a few minutes late coming onto the main stage. But it was a great night and I danced the entire night awayyyyyy!




I’m thankful to God that I was able to have the opportunity to  see one of my favourite artists live in concert. Not many people can say they’ve even been to one concert in this lifetime but I’ve been to more than I can count on my fingers.


As usual I’ve included some footage from the night below, so feel free to check them out. Excuse my horrible singing voice. LOL!

Jo xo







Nicki Minaj, The Queen of Rap

Nicki Minaj, The Queen of Rap

On the 11th of March, I saw Nicki Minaj live in concert on her European tour at the O2 Arena in London. She was amazing to see live and she performed a lot of the old songs that I needed her to perform. The concert honestly was one of the greatest concerts I’ve been to in a very long time. I can’t even put into words how much I enjoyed the concert. It’s indescribable.


Nicki Minaj is hands down the best female rapper to grace this planet and if you disagree you can debate with your mother because I definitely do not care. No one is touching her when it comes to skill, talent or stage presence.

Now I can definitely admit that Nicki has definitely become complacent over the years and Cardi is definitely doing her thing hands down. But this isn’t a blog post about Cardi B and I’m not here to compare the two, I’m just here to let you guys know how amazing it was to see Nicki Minaj perform live.

So I attended the Queen tour with Juice WRLD being her opening act. I absolutely hated Juice’s act because I found the entire set to be quite demonic. The graphics that he had playing behind him while he performed I just did not agree with at all. There were a lot of skeleton, satanic and demon imagery that I do not condone one bit. I found myself constantly praying throughout his performance because I honestly did not know the type of music that he puts out into the world, because I’ve never listen to his music. Originally Nicki was supposed to go on tour with Future and since I knew Future’s songs I was prepared to see him. However when Nicki announced that Future was no longer on the tour and she was going on tour with Juice I didn’t bother to research his songs because I just wasn’t bothered. Oh what a huge mistake I made, because if I had done my research prior to his set, then I would have been prepared and could have brought ear plugs.

Anyways once Juice was done with his stupid set, I finally could feel excited knowing that Nicki was going to be on stage soon and when she did come on stage, I lost my absolute mind!!!

A lot of you don’t know this but I’ve actually been a huge Nicki fan for just under a decade now. Like all her mixtape songs prior to Pink Friday I was a very big fan of. So you can only imagine how crazy I went when she performed one of her biggest mixtape hits Itty Bitty Piggy. She not only performed her mixtape song, but she also performed her Monster verse, Roman’s Revenge, Up All Night and many more hits. And when I tell you I went absolutely nuts, I turned into a completely different human being. Like seriously I was a completely different woman that entire night because the amount of screaming and shouting I did of lyrics… I was acting as if I was on stage with Nicki Minaj herself, performing the songs right next to her.

I couldn’t help that I was just in so much excitement, love and awe of this phenomenal woman that I have loved for years and appreciated the music of for many years. It was very refreshing to see her perform her old songs. Don’t get me wrong, Queen (her latest album) has a few hits but nothing will ever ever top Nicki’s old hits because those were the hits she created when she was hungry, on her absolute grind and just trying to make it to the top. Old Nicki Minaj is a Nicki Minaj that will never ever ever ever be beaten or topped because she was constantly in her bag.

Overall the concert was amazing and I enjoyed every last second of it. I’m grateful that I was able to see her live on her European tour and I can say that my life was made on that day. Despite the whole entire social media Nicki hate train that I’ve seen over the past couple months on Twitter especially, that was definitely not reflected in the crowd on that night because Nicki got so much love and praise. Every single song she performed the audience knew every single word. It truly was a moment for life.

Until next time,

Jo xo

P.S: Below are some videos I took on the night. Excuse my terrible rapping and singing voice lol!








Concert Junkie

Concert Junkie

So one thing about me that all my friends know is the fact that I’m a hugeeeeeeee concert head. I love going to concerts so much more than going to actual parties. To me, concerts are such worthy, exciting experiences in comparison to parties.

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You’re probably wondering why I’m so obsessed with concerts but like I said earlier, concerts are such exciting experiences to me and they’re truly unforgettable. When I saw Beyoncé back in 2016 on her Formation World Tour, I cried a total of three times as I stood there and not only watched her perform but made eye contact with her two times. Being part of the VIP section allowed me this amazing opportunity!

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I cherish every single concert I’ve been to and here’s a list of all the concerts and festivals I’ve been to:

Concerts & Festivals Jen’s been to in this lifetime so far…


1. Beyoncè: I am…World Tour ✅


1. The Game: The Documentary Tour ✅

1. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz: The Pink Print Tour ✅


1. Beyoncè: The Formation World Tour ✅

2. Rihanna: ANTI World Tour ✅

3. Jeremih: Late Nights Tour ✅

4. Desiigner ✅


1. Rae Sremmurd: SremmLife II Tour ✅

2. Drake: Boy Meet Words x 2 shows ✅

3. Cardi B ✅

4. Lovebox Festival: Solange, Ray BLK, Kaytranda, Sampha ✅

6. Syd Da Kid: Redbull Music Event ✅

7. Goldlink: At What Cost Tour ✅


1. Jhené Aiko: Trip Tour  ✅

2. Kendrick Lamar: DAMN Tour ✅

3. H.E.R.  ✅

4. Jorja Smith ✅

5. Beyoncè OTR II ✅

This year I want to attend 10 concerts in one year. I’ve never managed to do it since I started going to concerts but I plan WILL do it this year. I’ve already got a few concerts book and lined up for this year:


1. Nicki Minaj x Future – March

2. The Internet – April

3. Anderson Pakk – April

4. Drake x 2 shows – April

5. Wireless Festival Day 1 & 2 – July

Without a doubt I know I’ll achieve my goal. I’m soooo excited about all my upcoming concerts and guess what? I’ll be reviewing every single one of them! Stay tuned.

Jo xo