I finally found a Seafood Boil restaurant in London!

I finally found a Seafood Boil restaurant in London!

I don’t think anyone understands how over the moon I currently am. I tried a seafood boil for the first time in my entire life yesterday night and baby when I tell you it was amazingggggg. I almost cried at how delicious the meal was.


I know seafood boil to be an American dish so I believed that the only way that I could try it was by getting on a flight to the US. However I was finally proved wrong and I’m glad I was!


So the restaurant was called The Fat Crab and despite the meal being absolutely amazing the only con was the size of the restaurant. It was so small! I was afraid my friend and I weren’t going to get a seat but thankfully we did.


The way the restaurant’s menu is set up, there are a few steps that you have to choose while ordering: your apetizer, then a main, sides to add to the bag, the flavour and the spice level you want. Now one thing I will say about this restaurant is that it wasn’t cheap. But the food was sooooo worth it! So I was willing to spend all my coins here.


Anyway what my friend and I decided to do was choose the ‘meals for two’ option and we got the fat lobster feast and a bottle of white wine. We also got prawns as an extra side. I chose the flavour cajun and the spice hot. It definitely was not hot enough for me though.



I honestly think this was the best seafood restaurant in London. (Not gonna lie… I think it’s the only one because I’ve not been able to find another restaurant that does seafood boil.) And the owners are going to personally know me by my name because I will be making regular trips to this place! Like seriously I will be here ALL the time. I love seafood so much… I think I love it more than I love chicken at this point. Plus seafood is much healthier than chicken.

Everything about the meal was amazing. The seafood was cooked thoroughly well and seasoned perfectly. I actually have no complaints. Like none and that’s a first.

Overall I rate this restaurant a 10/10 and I’m obsessed with it!

Until next time,

Jo xo

P.S: Here’s my final bill. This includes what my friend and I got together. (Excuse the food stains lol!)

P.S.S: I’m still very much planning to get on a flight to the US because I know that trying a seafood boil from America is the authentic way to do things and I also know that no seafood boil will ever compare to the American one!!!

Concert Junkie

Concert Junkie

So one thing about me that all my friends know is the fact that I’m a hugeeeeeeee concert head. I love going to concerts so much more than going to actual parties. To me, concerts are such worthy, exciting experiences in comparison to parties.

Image result for concert gif

You’re probably wondering why I’m so obsessed with concerts but like I said earlier, concerts are such exciting experiences to me and they’re truly unforgettable. When I saw Beyoncé back in 2016 on her Formation World Tour, I cried a total of three times as I stood there and not only watched her perform but made eye contact with her two times. Being part of the VIP section allowed me this amazing opportunity!

Image result for beyonce concert gif

I cherish every single concert I’ve been to and here’s a list of all the concerts and festivals I’ve been to:

Concerts & Festivals Jen’s been to in this lifetime so far…


1. Beyoncè: I am…World Tour ✅


1. The Game: The Documentary Tour ✅

1. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz: The Pink Print Tour ✅


1. Beyoncè: The Formation World Tour ✅

2. Rihanna: ANTI World Tour ✅

3. Jeremih: Late Nights Tour ✅

4. Desiigner ✅


1. Rae Sremmurd: SremmLife II Tour ✅

2. Drake: Boy Meet Words x 2 shows ✅

3. Cardi B ✅

4. Lovebox Festival: Solange, Ray BLK, Kaytranda, Sampha ✅

6. Syd Da Kid: Redbull Music Event ✅

7. Goldlink: At What Cost Tour ✅


1. Jhené Aiko: Trip Tour  ✅

2. Kendrick Lamar: DAMN Tour ✅

3. H.E.R.  ✅

4. Jorja Smith ✅

5. Beyoncè OTR II ✅

This year I want to attend 10 concerts in one year. I’ve never managed to do it since I started going to concerts but I plan WILL do it this year. I’ve already got a few concerts book and lined up for this year:


1. Nicki Minaj x Future – March

2. The Internet – April

3. Anderson Pakk – April

4. Drake x 2 shows – April

5. Wireless Festival Day 1 & 2 – July

Without a doubt I know I’ll achieve my goal. I’m soooo excited about all my upcoming concerts and guess what? I’ll be reviewing every single one of them! Stay tuned.

Jo xo


Angus Steakhouse Leicester Square

Angus Steakhouse Leicester Square

So yesterday I went out for a lovely date night with one of my closest girlfriends. We visited a restaurant called Angus Steakhouse located in Leicester Square, London, UK.

Overall I liked the restaurant. It wasn’t one of the best London restaurants I’ve been to but the food was good and extremely filling.

I ordered The American as a starter because Lord knows how much I was truly starving. I hadn’t eaten a single thing all day because I wanted to save as much stomach space as possible for this dinner. For drinks, my friend and I both ordered Bailey’s salted caramel cocktail which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, so I had to wash it down with a coca-cola. My main course was chicken Alfredo with macaroni cheese as a side.

Jen’s Ratings & Reasons

Starter: The American – 8.5 /10

The starter was truly delicious, however, I felt that the potato skins were a bit overdone and the grilled corn would have been greater with some butter. I loved the BBQ Buffalo chicken wings and the BBQ pork ribs were divine. In my opinion, the starter was much better than my main.

Main: Chicken Alfredo – 6/10


The chicken alfredo I gave a 6 out of 10 because I felt that there were way too many potatoes and not enough chicken. I did love the white wine cream sauce that the chicken came with. I wouldn’t recommend this main dish because you’ll definitely get sick of the potatoes. The macaroni cheese I ordered as a side was tasty, a bit bland but I enjoyed it enough to finish it completely.

Final Thoughts

The restaurant had decent service. At times I felt that my friend and I had been forgotten about because we weren’t served until fifteen minutes after sitting down. But because we were so excited to see each other and catch up, we didn’t even really notice that we hadn’t been served yet until we noticed the table next to us had been served with food. To be fair, the restaurant was extremely busy and packed with people that we had to wait a few minutes for an available table.

Out of 10 overall, I would rate the restaurant an 8. It had a well-designed exterior and really clean bathrooms. I had a good time there despite my main not being the greatest. I spent £50.70 in total (bearing in mind I chose the starter for both my friend and I so I paid for it). It’s not an extremely pricey restaurant but if you plan to visit then just come prepared.

Until next time,

– Jo xo


How I Almost Made The Biggest Mistake Of My Life…

How I Almost Made The Biggest Mistake Of My Life…

So as some of you know, I am currently in university studying English Literature with Creative Writing. If you didn’t know well now you do.

Image result for well now you do gif

I’m almost done with the second year of my degree and I have one more year left after this and I’ll finally be free! I’m honestly so ready to get this degree over and done with, don’t get me wrong I love my degree – However, I am ready to start the life I know I’m truly destined for. I don’t intend to get a 9 to 5 job after my degree because I already have a job. Writing.

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I’ve been making good money from writing for over three years now and I could be making even better money if I was doing writing full time. That means no school and just 24/7 focus on my career. So that’s my plan. Now you’re probably wondering what on earth this has to do with my blog post title… well let me explain.

I applied to university with a different degree. A degree that is going to most likely make you think I’m crazy (Or not lol).

The degree I initially intended to study at university was physiotherapy (Americans call it physical therapy). Physiotherapy used to make so much sense to me because I was always a straight A student when it came to the three sciences, especially Biology which was my fav! My Nigerian mother lowkey wanted me to study medicine but deep down I knew that I hated hospitals and didn’t want to waste so much of my life studying medicine. Despite knowing that I wasn’t a fan of hospitals, I still researched a scientific field and ended up stumbling upon physiotherapy. I think when I initially found out what physiotherapy was, I was mainly enticed by the ‘therapy’ part because I enjoy talking to people. Genuinely. Becoming a therapist was one of my options but because I had always been so good at biology I decided to ignore the option of doing psychology.

Image result for ignore gif

So physiotherapy was my focus once applying to universities and I went to many interviews talked all about the subject like it was my passion when deep down writing was my true passion. It’s funny because while applying to university I was still writing and selling books. I was receiving good royalties each month and you would think that this would convince me to study a writing based degree. I won’t lie, I considered not going to university at all and I spoke to my publisher about it, but she advised me to definitely get a degree. The number one thing about this industry that she made me totally aware of was that it is relatively new. You don’t want to put your eggs in one basket because what if one day something happens to Amazon? Or my readers decide to stop reading my books (God forbid). Having a degree to fall back on is smart and something that I knew I couldn’t miss out on. At the end of the day, my mother raised me to have strong academic goals. So that only pushed me further to secure a degree.

Back to physio though. So like I mentioned earlier I went to many interviews and got offers from some universities while others declined me. I remember being so gutted out about a particular university in a different city (Birmingham) declining my application due to their spaces being full for the course. In my mind that was the only university, I could go to. I now see that that university declining me was a blessing in disguise and I was just yet to realise it. I set my sights on a different university based in London and put my focus on that one. I managed to get in and was accepted to study physiotherapy along as I got the required grades they wanted.

Results day came and I got the email telling me of my accommodation agreement from the university, making me realise that I had gotten in. One of my grades had slipped but surprisingly they still accepted me.

Image result for surprised gif

So here I was. Excited yet nervous to finally start university. The first day of lectures arrives and I walk in, ready to get learning. Then as soon as the teacher starts teaching a dark cloud settles on my head. And that’s when it suddenly hit me.

Image result for realisation gif

This isn’t what I want to do with my life.

Image result for cries in spanish gif

I don’t want to be a physio. I don’t want to work in a hospital. I don’t want to give out exercise routines when I don’t even exercise that much by myself. I just want to write. I want to be my own boss. I don’t want to work a 9 to 5. Am I even up at 9am every single day? No. So how does anyone expect me to have a consistent 9 to 5? Make that make sense.

Image result for make it make sense gif

And that’s when I knew I had made a very grave mistake. It didn’t matter that I had always been good at science, I had always been phenomenal in English Literature, Drama, Media – basically all my creative subjects. And I truly can’t believe I almost ignored that because I was trying to fit into a normal category. Forget fitting into a category. I don’t know why I would ever want to fit into a normal category when I don’t intend to live a normal life.

Thankfully my mother totally understood my decision to change my course from physiotherapy to English with Creative Writing. I’m truly blessed to have a mother as understanding and considerate as her. She understood my struggle and knew that I wasn’t going to be able to go through three years of university with a course I had no ambition for.

I’m also grateful to God that I was able to come to my senses sooner than later.

Image result for relieved black woman gif

Physiotherapy is a great course but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. It is a course that requires great ambition and interest in the field of human anatomy and exercise. I would recommend it to anyone who has a love of biology but just be prepared to dedicate all your time and energy to it. Because it is undoubtedly an extremely difficult degree.

Now I bet you’re wondering how I’m currently finding English Literature with Creative Writing… well I absolutely love it. The reading can be a bit much and the second year is definitely much harder than the first year but I wouldn’t change my course for the world.

I will say this though… when new acquaintances ask me what I’m doing with my life and I tell them English Literature with Creative Writing a few of them are under the assumption that I’m automatically going to become an English Literature teacher and it’s really annoying. Or some are just baffled that I’ve decided to do a creative degree. Some do compliment me, calling me intelligent or calling my degree fancy. Small minded people are under the assumption that in university you need to study courses such as medicine, maths or law to get a large salary. When the truth is creative careers are making a lot more coins than these doctors, lawyers and accountants. Like I said I’d rather be my own boss, and work on my own time.

Image result for beyonce sip gif

I have my own business that’s not doing too bad especially since I only started it last July. And of course, I write books for a publishing house. So I can honestly say that I know what I’m doing with my life and I’m excited for what the future holds.

This turned out to be an extremely long blog post than intended. I hope you found it interesting though. Until next time,

Jo xo




So we’re already twelve days into 2019 and I can honestly say that I’m resetting my 2019 again in February. I’ve already picked up on mistakes that I’ve been making that I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this year.

Image result for rolling eyes gif


For example, I told myself that wasting my time would no longer be an option. I would no longer be allowing myself to have my time wasted by myself but by also individuals in my life. I wanted to beat the habit of procrastination so that I could beat the habit of wasting my life. Because by wasting your own time, you’re wasting your life. Time is precious and so is life. You only get one shot at this, not another one. So that’s why I find it important to spend time doing important things and not sitting around doing nothing.

I’ve also realised that in terms of my creativity I’ve somewhat stumbled. I’ve been writing professionally since 2015 but started sharing my work on Wattpad in 2013. To put it simply I’ve been writing for an extremely long time now and writing has been my main source of income for over three years now. Your girl is tired. And I honestly feel like I need a long hiatus to just stop for a second. Writing has paid my bills, allowed me to travel, paid for my luxuries and many more things. I need to relax and breathe without having to worry about writing today. Don’t get me wrong I love writing with all my heart and that’s the thing – I love it so much that I don’t want to stop loving it. That’s why having healthy breaks are important because I don’t want to start resenting writing. I’ll never allow that to happen. The only issue is, my readers are counting on me to deliver this anticipated final part of my current series. I want to get it out to them so bad but I don’t want to force myself to deliver work that isn’t to the usual standard that I bring out. I’m just going to take things easy and pray about it. I know I’ll be able to get this finale done and not let my readers down because it’ll be an amazing body of work.

Image result for amazing gif

I’ve also got an exam next week that I should be revising for but all I keep thinking about is writing. At the end of the day I’m still a student so education is important. I’m here to get my degree and finally be done with education all together. If you’re wondering what I study at university it’s English Literature with Creative Writing. I’m going to do a blog post all about my degree and the rollercoaster I went through to get to this course.

January was definitely just a test run but February we go again!

Image result for nicki minaj dancing gif

– Jo xo




Now look, this isn’t going to be a whole blog post about me bashing men and screaming about how all of them are trash because believe me, I’ve done enough of that this year. Seriously lol.

This is my last blog post of the year so I thought why not end it on #WhatJenThinks? Since I haven’t done one yet I thought why not?

When it comes to cheating, I’ve fully understood that both parties, male and female are just as bad as each other. Men cheat. Women cheat. Why? I’ll never fully understand or want to understand. But what I will say is this… when someone cheats the first time, don’t give them the opportunity to do it a second time by staying with them.

I think the dumbest excuse I’ve ever seen when it comes to cheating is, “What about the kids?”

What about them?

I’m sorry but staying in a relationship just for the sake of children is absolutely ridiculous. Staying in a relationship that has been broken and made tainted due to a partner stepping out on another partner is stupid. Your children don’t deserve to be in an environment that is now toxic and contaminated. Contaminated with lies and distrust.

And even if you don’t have kids with someone, staying in a marriage just for the sake of not wanting to ruin your bond, is bullshit. The minute your partner decided to step out on you and sleep with someone else was when your bond died. There is no bond. It’s over. They let it go so it’s only common sense that you let it go too.

Me personally, I would never give someone who cheated on me, a second chance. I don’t care how much time, history or love we have between us. Clearly all of that wasn’t enough to stop you from staying faithful to me so it won’t be enough for me to stay right by your side. Call me harsh, heartless or whatever else you want but I’m just intelligent enough to know that one you cross me once, you won’t ever be able to do it again.

I think the number one thing that I want all women to always realise is YOUR WORTH. Stop allowing yourself to be subjected to more hurt and pain by allowing men to take you for an absolute dickhead. Because by staying in situations where you’ve been cheated on time and time again, you’re allowing yourself to look dumb.

It’s easier said than done to actually get up and leave someone you love, but what shouldn’t be easier said than done is loving yourself. Love yourself enough to know that enough is enough. You shouldn’t constantly be going back and forth with your so called partner about cheating every single month. Your partner isn’t your partner anymore. He’s everyone he’s decided to mess around with partner.

Love yourself ladies! It’s the way forward.

– Jo xo


J’adore Paris!

J’adore Paris!

So on the 8th of December my best friend and I took the Eurostar to Paris. We stayed in Paris for four nights and I really have to say that this trip was absolutely amazing. It beat our Morocco summer 18 trip by far and I’m so glad that we decided to take this spontaneous trip for her birthday.

Related image

The number one thing that I wanted to make sure of on this trip was that we knew exactly what we were doing over the four days. I also wanted to make sure that my best friend had a good time because after all the purpose of us going away was for her birthday!

We had unintentionally decided to visit Paris at one of their most alarming times. On the previous weekend before our arrival, Parisians had been heavily protesting and rioting in the city centre. Finding this out didn’t deter my best friend and I from going though. One thing I’ve never lived my life on is fear and I don’t intend to start doing that now. And I’m so glad we didn’t allow fear to win because the riots weren’t even as bad as they had been sensationalised by the media. For starters, the riots had only been happening on a Saturday and by the time we had arrived, most of the streets were quiet. The only annoying thing was the constant police sirens racing towards the city centre where the rioters were. But the weekend that we had arrived, the riots weren’t as bad as they had been the previous weekend because most of the rioters had either been arrested or decided to stop rioting.

Image result for amengif

Thankfully our hotel wasn’t anywhere near the city centre, so we were fine. Trying to get an uber once we came out of the station was a real pain though because they were either taking too long to come and then would end up cancelling on us. The one uber we did manage to bag almost gave me a heart attack when he asked us, “Is your hotel in the city centre? Because if it is I’m not going anywhere near there. They’re setting cars on fire.”

Image result for shock gif

But like I said before our hotel wasn’t in the city centre but not too far from it either so getting around Paris was a breeze. Nonetheless, the riots weren’t happening anywhere near us.

Image result for relieved gif

The hotel we stayed at was called the Hotel Meridional and honestly I have to say this was a really convenient hotel for us to stay at. It was on a one way street that led to a whole bunch of shops, cafes and the train station was a five minute walk away. The hotel was cute, the only downside was the small en-suite bathroom our room came with. So if you’re trying to have a big bathroom when you stay in Paris, I wouldn’t recommend this hotel. But other than that, the customer service was good and room service cleaned the rooms well.

La Trattoria Di Augustino

So we arrived in Paris at 7:47pm and took an uber to our hotel. It took us about fifteen minutes to settle in our hotel room and start unpacking some of our things. But because of our hunger we were eager to get out and explore the area around our hotel. Exploring led to us finding an Italian restaurant called La Trattoria Di Augustino that was a five minute walk away from our hotel.

I’m giving the restaurant a 5 out of 5 due to the great customer service that the manager provided us with and the fact that the food was delicious too! And it wasn’t overpriced at all. I ordered salmon whereas my best friend ordered steak and chips.


Norte Dame Cathedral & Champs-Élysées

Photo 09-12-2018, 13 40 49.jpgOn Day two we went to visit the Norte Dame Cathedral. Before heading inside the cathedral we went to a nearby café and drank hot chocolate to pass sometime because we had a designated time to enter the cathedral.

My best friend and I were truly fascinated to be walking through the location of where the disney animated musical film The Hunchback of Norte Dame is set. It was really interesting to explore the cathedral and see all of it’s features.


The Champs- Élysées was one place that I was extremely excited to visit because I wanted to visit Sephora and of course the Gucci store! Unfortunately the UK don’t have a Sephora so I’d never been prior to going in Paris.


Le Narjisse – Sisha (Hookah) Bar

Photo 17-12-2018, 16 54 22

To bring my best friend’s birthday in we decided to head to a hookah bar where we drank and listened to music. Surprisingly, the Sisha bar played American music which I was exPhoto 17-12-2018, 16 33 46tra happy about and they played a few afrobeat songs much to my best friend’s delight. Overall that night was really good and of course my best friend and I got drunk. When we got back to our hotel I barely remember what happened after we downed a whole bottle of Jack Daniels to ourselves however thanks to snapchat I saw exactly what shenanigans we got up to. Just know that when Miss Jen’s drunk, she turns into a completely different lady. No more alcohol for me though! I’m retiring. (LOL! Let’s see how long that lasts)

The Louvre Museum & Hard Rock café

Day three Photo 10-12-2018, 13 28 38we visited the famous Lourve museum and I was gassed when we got to see the Mona Lisa painting because Beyoncé and Jay Z stood in front of that same painting in their Apeshit video. They rented out the entire Lourve museumImage result for tiffany pollard beyonce gif and I was just in complete awe because I’m a huge Beyoncé fan.

I’ve seen a few museums in my lifetime but this one right here was stunning. One particular room that stood out to me was the room with gorgeous ceilings above. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them because they were just that amazing to me. The pictures I took do not do them justice at all!



For lunch, we went to the Hard Rock café which is well renowned restaurant and upon visiting the place, I learned that Rihanna had visited it before. I ordered a legendary burger with fries and Caesar salad whereas my best friend ordered a stack of ribs and fries. The food was really tasty and extremely filling. I didn’t get to finish my salad because of how full I was.


A Paris cruise by the Eiffel tower

Photo 10-12-2018, 19 07 16Photo 17-12-2018, 16 35 15So to celebrate my best friend’s birthday in a big way, we went on a dinner cruise on the river Seine which was absolutely magnificent. I had never been on a cruise before so having dinner on one made me feel like the baddest chick in Paris! Lol! But for real, I really enjoyed myself. We had a three course meal with a bottle of red wine and water. It was a beautiful night and we had the perfect view of the Eiffel tower. We even got to see it flicker while we sat on our cruise.


Once we were finished on the cruise, we headed to a little area on the bridge that allowed us to take stunning pictures in front of the Eiffel tower and then we went back to our hotel.


Disney Land Paris

Photo 17-12-2018, 16 34 43

I decided to surprise my best friend with a trip to Disneyland Paris. She had no idea about it until the night we brought in her birthday and she opened up the gifts I had bought her. Disney Land Paris definitely has it perks but it’s much smaller than the Florida one and I definitely need to visit the one in Florida as I’ve never been. But nonetheless I had fun.


Paris was a spectacular place and I honestly didn’t want to leave! I definitely plan to visit again. I would absolutely recommend Paris to every single person I know. It truly is a wonderful destination and if you don’t want to spend too long in a particular city but still want to do a few things, Paris is definitely your place to go.

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– Jo xo